User Interface Conventions

  1. Use GridLayout with 3 columns. First column for label, 3rd column for undo button, middle column for everything else. That means you might need a RowLayout for some clusters of controls in the middle column (ala SliderSpinner). The RowLayout might need a spacer item with fillWidth:true or similar to prevent controls from stretching way out and looking stupid. The SliderSpinners look good stretched out, but I dislike overly stretched combo boxes. When we add parameter animation, there will be a fourth column for the stopwatch button to add the parameter to the animation timeline.

  2. Right align the label. I know some people may not like it, but it is the direction I chose and want to stay in. I want to maintain style consistency.

  3. Regarding labels more broadly:
    • Do not follow field labels with a colon! You see, the left edge of the control to which the label is right-aligned already already provides a separator. The exception, of course, is when there is another label to the right or something else with no edge/box.
    • Capitalize the first word only for field labels.
    • Capitalize each word for buttons, menu items, and control-group headings.
    • Only add the ellipses on menu items that open a dialog, not on buttons. I find the ellipses to be ugly without really adding much value, and on buttons they just make them needlessly wider.
  4. I removed the “spacing: 8” on rows & between columns. The QWidget default spacing is 5, and the Quick default spacing is 4. Removing the 8 makes the QML more consistent with QWidget defaults without having to clutter our QML with spacing details.


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